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I was recently shown all the Fluffle Puff videos.. And god damn it…. They are cute as all hell! Wanted to doodle something for it. 😀
This will be available as a print.
Message if interested. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Fluffle Puff Print

  1. I was wondering why you left DeviantArt? I’m a visual artist, but I have yet to post any of my work on that site. I too have grown tired of the many people who claim to have “painted” something, but have really simply digitally altered photographs, or placed objects not of their doing in collage- like format with no context. Again, I’m curious as to what your reasons were for leaving the site?

    1. Hi, Sam!
      Honestly, the reason ( well…. one of many ) why I left DeviantArt was because I got tired of finding out people would steal my images and put them on merchandise without any kind of credit or compensation. And then I would be the asshole when I would call them out. I really did enjoy it for a bit. But, it just kept getting worse and worse. I think about getting back on it periodically, it’s just I haven’t worked up the drive to want to yet. I never really got much out of it, honestly. I never got more than 60 views on something. It just became a place that if you weren’t a big name, you weren’t going to get anywhere. And now it’s so damn oversaturated it’s almost impossible to get noticed on there. I don’t know…. I might try it again. I’m not sure.
      Thank you for asking, though! I didn’t think anyone still remembered I was on there. 😛

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