Prototype Shirts For Sale!

Been playing with my vinyl cutter and heat press. 🙂
These are my prototypes for the first couple of designs!
These 3 are up for grabs! They are XL.
$25/free shipping for the Alien.
$75/free shipping each for the other 2 and they come with the original art they were based off of!
I plan on making a lot more designs. Im having fun with it! 😀

If you’re interested in the shirts, shoot me an e-mail @

Ecchi Expo Mascot!

This sexy succubus is the mascot for the Ecchi Expo in Austin, TX on September 24-26!I will be happily at that show pushing my glorious merch! Seems like more shows are starting to come back! Thank fuck for that, right?!?More info on the show over at: