The Misfortune Chronicles Indiegogo!

I wanted to share a little fundraiser I just made.

Being displaced from the hurricane incredibly sucks and is incredibly expensive.

So, I created a new campaign as a sort of fundraiser to help out with all that in the form of a new sketchbook!

Its called: The Misfortune Chronicles: 2020 Johnny Segura Sketchbook!

You can check out the campaign here on Indiegogo

Thank y’all so much to anyone who checks it out.

Every book will be on sketch cover stock and come with original art on every book as a way of saying thanks for helping out!

Once again, thank y’all so much!
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Art for The Fencer is finished!

All the art for The Fencer is finished!
Check it out on Kickstarter!
All that’s left is to do the lettering and any final edits and then it will be ready to send to print once the funds come in!
Thank y’all so much for everything so far!
Let’s do what we can to try to get to that last stretch goal and make the book 60 pages!