Doc Salem Variant Cover

I can finally post about a project I’m apart of!
My pal Art of Preston Asevedo has an Indiegogo for his book Doc Salem: Monster Hunter!
I’m the colorist for the project!
Shit is gonna be nuts!
And if you get in on the campaign you can snag my variant cover for it in all of it’s glory!
Check out the campaign here:

Pipe Dreams is going on strong!

The Kickstarter for Pipe Dreams: A Tale of 2 Plumbers is going awesome!
Check it out at:
I did the original Pipe Dreams over 10 years ago.
The new version is complete redo from ground up!
A lot of the pages I’ve redone from the ground up and some pages I’ve just given one hell of a makeover!
Plus, I’ve redone a lot of the fight scenes. I’ve added over 20 new pages of action so far and I’m only a third into it!
It’s gonna be a hell of a wild ride!

Huge thanks to Matt D. Chambers III Art for colors on this project!

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